TIG welding in manufacturing: advantages and tradeoffs

What limits a coil's thermal capacity?

Refrigerant Focus: R-32 a.k.a. difluoromethane

Should I retrofit my R-22 coils for R-410A?

What is a refrigerant distributor and what does it do?

How are ethylene glycol and propylene glycol different and which should I use?

What is flux entrapment and how does it happen?

Design considerations for evaporators used in the storage of potatoes, onions and other crops

Other than copper and aluminum, what materials are used to build heat exchangers?

Lighter, stronger, smaller. 5mm stainless steel heat exchangers are the next little thing in heat transfer

COVID-19 & HVAC - Q & A with Dr. William Bahnfleth, ASHRAE’s Epidemic Task Force Chair

Turbulators in heat exchangers: types and purposes

Airside fouling in heat exchangers: causes and solutions

Transcritical CO2 refrigeration: basics and benefits

R-410A vs R-407C in high-ambient environments: how are they different?

What is the latent load in a cooling system and why does it matter?

Flexible OEM scheduling from SRC: what you need, when you need it

I'm sick of replacing corroded coils. Should I consider all stainless?

Fin enhancements for plate fin heat exchangers: purposes and tradeoffs

Frost frustration: studying fouling in gas turbine inlet filter houses

Corrosion-resistant coil components: what’s the right choice?

Plate fin vs. spiral fin heat exchangers: what’s the difference?

Surface treatment of stainless steel: pickling, descaling, passivation

How to choose the right fin material for industrial heat exchangers

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