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Industrial Refrigeration

Custom-made for your requirement. Ammonia, CO2, & more

Your job is to stay up and running, not chase leaking coilsSRC's industrial refrigeration products are designed to efficiently and reliably do their job, so you can spend more time doing yours. 

Take advantage of our full range of industrial refrigeration coils: flooded, recirculated, DX, gravity, condensers, gas coolers, and reheat coils. Whether it's an ice rink, cold food storage, industrial processes, or something else, we can build what you need.



Selected Industrial Refrigeration Applications

small photo of refrigerated warehouse

Temperature-Controlled Warehouses

oil refinery-small

Industrial Processes


Ice Rinks

linear continuous processing oven-small

Food Processing


Dairy Processing


Beverage Production

Power Plant -small

Power Generation



Stainless Steel Evaporator with Copper Fins

This coil was designed for a food processing application and features stainless steel tubes, distributor leads and headers. Copper was used for the fins.

Alkar-industrial refrigeration-evap_cutout

Stainless/Aluminum Condenser

This large condenser was designed for use with R-134A and was built using aluminum fins and stainless steel headers and connections. 



Stainless Steel Evaporator Coil

This coil was built using 316 stainless steel 1/2 tube 0.035" wall with 0.0095" aluminum fin. It was designed for a food processing application.

DSC_0966 - webiste

Fluid Coil (Ammonia)

The product featured is a 5/8" stainless steel tube, 0.0095" copper fin ammonia heat exchanger. It is an 8-row, double serpentine construction with 304 stainless steel casing.

food-process-20100127Alkar_0017email - website
Alkar-industrial refrigeration-evap_cutout

Stainless Steel Evaporator with Copper Fins


Stainless/Aluminum Condenser

DSC_0966 - webiste

Stainless Steel Evaporator Coil

food-process-20100127Alkar_0017email - website

Fluid Coil (Ammonia)

Your Refrigerant Partner: Ammonia, CO2, Hydrocarbons, & More

With SRC, you'll get a coil supplier and an engineering partner who's invested in your success. We're refrigerant experts, having significant experience with industry standards like ammonia and R-134A. 

Take advantage of our robust research and development program, including our tube-side refrigerant lab and our wind tunnel test lab. With these facilities, you can be sure that our performance ratings are among the industry's most accurate and reliable, and we're always adding more. 




Engineered with Experience

We've built enough industrial refrigeration heat exchangers to understand the what applications demand.

Whether that's design considerations such as multiple fin stages, special material choices, or custom engineering to solve a unique challenge, we're here to help.

We can also build according to several standards, including ASME, CRN, & CE.

See What Makes Us Super

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Designed with Confidence

Our industrial refrigeration designs are  informed by data from our wind tunnel test lab and our tube side refrigerant lab. Our coil ratings provide the whole picture of the performance you can expect from your coil. 


Leak-free Assurance

You expect a quality product, so we make sure all products are tested with pneumatic dry nitrogen and/or supplemented with helium leak detection (1 x 10^-6).

Fin Material

The Right Materials for the Job

Material selection is a pivotal step in industrial refrigeration applications. Whether you need aluminum/stainless, copper/copper, all-stainless, or something else, we can make it. 

We’re fluent in answers

Need someone who understands your language? Simply answer a few questions and we’ll get our engineers on it. 

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