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Custom Nuclear Heat Exchangers


An Engineering Partner You Can Trust

When you need an experienced engineering partner for your nuclear power plant HVAC project, it has to be Super. Our engineers are here to be an extension of your team. They're here to help iterate on designs, make informed, experience-based recommendations, and they'll be available 24/7 during maintenance shutdowns. 

Containment Cooling & Spacer Frames

The retrofit coils for this application are ASME N, Class 2 certified. The  spacer frame support is ASME NPT, Class 2. 

Construction used stainless casings, supports, and header manifolds with additional bracing for higher seismic & thermal loads.  

The heat exchangers and spacer frame were pre-assembled in our factory to confirm interface dimensions.





First of a Kind (FOAK) Solution 

In this application, the original units were designed for zero nozzle load conditions. However, thermal stresses cause component failure. 

To solve this problem, Super Radiator Coils designed replacement coils with a unique flexure feature to mitigate thermal loads. 

The heat exchangers for this application are ASME N, Class 3 certified.

Containment Cooling with Super Seal Design

Coils for this application are ASME Section III, Class 2 components.

These coolers replaced units inside containment that had repeated seal leakage. This was an expensive maintenance issue that required regular power entries for re-torque maintenance.  

The SRC solution used a raised face sealing surface with a synthetic fiber gasket. This superior gasket seal provided 3x higher bolt sealing torque and eliminated costly maintenance time and effort.





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