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Wind Tunnel Test Lab

Performance—Tested and Validated

Our wind tunnel test lab is how we validate the theoretical performance of our products. Capable of handling a wide range of airflows, temperatures, and fluids, it's one of only three wind tunnels of its kind in the world. 

Testing Capabilities

Our wind tunnel can test coils with a wide variety of environmental variables. We have separate fluid testing loops for water, glycol, oil, steam, refrigerants and other fluids, so we can validate coil performance for a wide variety of applications. 

A complete list of our wind tunnel capabilities are listed below. All tests are led by our in-house heat transfer Ph.D., Dr. Jian Yu (at right).








Water-Drops-Icon_50x50 Separate fluid testing loops for: water, glycol, oil, steam, refrigerants, and other fluids

Airflow-Icon_50x50 Airflow from 100 - 8,500 cubic feet per minute

Humidity-Icon_50x50 Humidity from 20% - 95%

Steam-Icon---2020_50x50Steam pressures from 15 - 150 psi


Temperature-Icon_50x50Entering water temperatures up to 180°F (82°C)

Temperature-Icon_50x50Entering glycol temperatures from 20°F to 200°F
(-6°C - 93°C)

Temperature-Icon_50x50MultiTherm oil temperatures up to 400°F (204°C)

Temperature-Icon_50x50Steam temperatures from 250°F - 333°F (121°C - 167°C)

Want some tunnel vision?

Check out our video to learn more about our wind tunnel test lab.

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