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Semiconductor Production Products

Clean, precision-made coils for a precise application.

Semiconductor manufacturing is a game of microns, not inches. Your application requires extreme levels of cleanliness and precision to achieve the best results. The same is true of the heat transfer products that support your equipment.

Take advantage our semiconductor expertise. Whether you have specialized cleanliness requirements or razor-thin spatial tolerances, we can support what you do.


Selected Semiconductor Applications

Our heating and cooling products support equipment used at all phases of the semiconductor production process, from wafer production to finishing and testing.

semiconductor factory with machines_thumb

Wafer Manufacturing Equipment


Processing and Finishing Equipment

Wafer Testing_thumb

Testing Equipment

Stainless/Aluminum fluid Coil

This  10" x  70 1/2" coil was made using 304L stainless steel tubes with aluminum fins. It features 304L stainless steel casings with Flexane applied to the end plates to eliminate air bypass. It was designed for use in semiconductor testing equipment.


Stainless/Aluminum fluid Coil

Customizable Cleaning Procedures

Your products exceed the industry standard. With SRC, your equipment cleanliness can follow suit. Let's work together to ensure your equipment's cleanliness program is everything you need it to be. Because when particulates the size of a speck of dust matter, there's no room for error. 

Take advantage of our customized cleaning procedures. This includes coil cleanings after each manufacturing step, bagged delivery options with desiccant bags included, and more.





Quality Products Informed by Industry Experience

Your industry is demanding. Equipment has to perform to its requirement and stay free of debris, corrosion, and other contaminants. 

We can make coils for your semiconductor application using the industry standard like stainless steel. And if you've got a special application that may call for other materials, we've got a full staff of degreed engineers with the semiconductor experience to help you out. 

See What Makes Us Super


Designed with Confidence

Our  coil designs are supported by internal and external software programs, which are informed by data from our wind tunnel test lab and our tube side refrigerant lab. Our coil ratings give the whole picture of the performance you can expect from your coil. 


Leak-free Assurance

We know the consequences of downtime. We make sure all products are tested with pneumatic dry nitrogen and/or supplemented with helium leak detection (1 x 10^-6). Because your job is to produce, not chase equipment repairs. 

Fin Material

The Right Materials for the Job

Cleanliness is critical in semiconductor manufacturing and material selection is an important decision that can impact it. We can build your products using industry standards like stainless steel and many others if your application calls for it. 

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