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Gas Compression

Compressing gas creates a lot of heat, and this gas needs to be cooled before use, or to prevent damage to the compressor itself.

Super Radiator provides the industry with heat exchangers required to remove this heat and protect equipment. We also provide heat exchangers to preheat gas prior to unloading storage tanks where the gas can get too cold through the decompression process.



Applications for Gas Compression Coils


Booster Coolers


CNG Filling Stations


Pipeline Transportation


Mother/Daughter Stations


Landfill Gas


Bio Gas


Gas Storage Facilities

Compressed Natural Gas Cooler

This coil is a multi-stage gas cooler designed for use in the compressed natural gas (CNG) industry. It features 304 stainless steel tubes to account for corrosion and aluminum fins for optimal heat transfer. It also has header bracket reinforcement to account for heavy vibration created by the gas compression process. 

Compressed-Gas-Cooler_1-flip-min (1)

Booster Coil

This coil features fins and tubes made from carbon steel and is powder coated for rust prevention. This example has SAE-style hydraulic fittings to account for high pressures, but we're able to include any industry-specific fittings at the customer's request. This product also features braces on its headers and casings to account for the heavy vibration created by the compression process, especially at startup. 


Compressed Gas Cooler

This example is a compressed gas cooler rated for up to 5000 psig. Its design elements include louvers located on the bottom of the unit, allowing easy access, and its 4-stage single coil design allows for a smaller footprint. Its construction for the lower pressure stages consisted of carbon steel tube and pipe with aluminum fins, and for the high pressure stages, we used 304 stainless tube and pipe along with aluminum fins. 

Compressed-Gas-Cooler_1-flip-min (1)

Compressed Natural Gas Cooler


Booster Coil


Compressed Gas Cooler

Products Designed for the Application

The application demands for gas compression coolers are broad. But one common requirement is the need for robust and reliable products. There are three main components to a sound design—thermal analysis, structural integrity and material selection.

Starting with the thermal analysis, Super Radiator Coil engineers utilize internal resources such as our Enterprise program and in-house wind tunnel as well as external resources to meet the capacity requirements.

Additionally, these coils are often subject to heavy vibration from the engine and compressors. To meet this demand, the mechanical and structural designs are typically based off of ASME Section VIII Division 1, CRN or PED (SEP, Level 1 and Level 2) code requirements.

Finally, material selection which must meet the application and gas composition. The heat exchangers are or can be subjected to 5,500 psig working pressures. With this in mind, material such as carbon steel tube with 0.134" wall thickness, etc. are used.





See What Makes Us Super


Engineered by Experts

There really is no "standard job" when it comes to gas compression. Such systems can operate in a wide variety of ambient conditions, and designs are variable, so experience is critical.

Our engineers have decades of combined experience with one-offs and unique projects, so we know what works.


Reliability When it Matters Most

We know the rigors of the gas compression industry, and have a deep understanding on what's needed to build a product that stands up to them. 

We make sure your coil has the right materials, coatings, and reinforcements for the job.


Certified Welding / Brazing 

Super Radiator Coil welders and brazers are certified under ASME Section IX code.  Moreover, the welding and brazing programs are directed by Certified Weld Inpsectors (CWI's).  



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