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High-Performance Data Center Cooling Products

The performance you need. The quality you demand. The service you deserve.
SRC’s high-performance data center cooling products are designed for your specific application and informed by SRC's 40+ years of experience supporting these markets.



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Design Recommendations Backed by Decades of Practical Experience

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Our quality program includes more than 100 points of inspection for each coil and their subcomponents, conducted at multiple points during each step of the manufacturing process. We have a fully staffed quality team dedicated to ensuring you receive a quality product. We can also develop new programs or augment existing procedures to meet customer-specific quality requirements. 
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Planning to install coils at an angle to better capitalize on available space? We can support performance testing at nearly any installation angle so you can be sure your coils' performance ratings are reliable no matter how you plan to use them.


SRC offers more than 10,000 fin design, thickness, and material combinations. Our raised lance and louvered fin patterns are ideal for maximizing heat transfer in tight footprints. With densities up to 24 fins per inch, we’ll get your coils’ performance where it needs to be within the space you have to work with.

Our Process

Initial Design & Prototyping

We’ll learn your performance requirements, spatial constraints, and other application-specific details to develop an initial design and prototype.


Performance Testing & Design Optimization

If desired, we can performance test your coils in our in-house wind tunnel to validate performance ratings based on real-life data, not extrapolations.


Design Finalization & Drafting

Once your design is approved, it’s sent to our design engineering team. It’s one of our largest departments, and that’s by design. Whether you need 100 coils a week or 10 coils per year, our drafting team features nearly 30 mechanical engineering professionals who generate hundreds of designs each month.


Production & Delivery

Your approved final design is released to our manufacturing facility for production. We can flex our production schedules to accommodate fluctuations in production needs. And our dedicated sales support staff will handle purchase orders, billing, etc.


Meet the Team

Kenny Beach

Kenny Beach

Senior Sales Application Engineer

Ken Kaye

Ken Kaye

Director of OEM Sales

Chris Strickler

Chris Strickler

Senior Sales Application Engineer

Jian Yu

Dr. Jian Yu, Ph.D.

VP of Research & Development

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Al Nord

Senior Sales Application Engineer

The Importance of Water Quality in Liquid-Cooled Data Center Cooling Systems

Water quality is absolutely critical in high-performance liquid-cooled data center applications. Contaminant-laden water sources lead to fouling, lost performance, and downtime. Read this article to learn more about water quality standards, various definitions of water quality, and filtration considerations.

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Can SRC provide performance testing for different coil installation angles?

Yes. We understand the impact that installation can have on performance and our wind tunnel is capable of testing coils at a variety of airflow orientation angles. 

Can SRC design data center cooling coils that are compatible with other components of my system?

Yes. We regularly build coils that are installed in systems with unique transitions, manifolds, connections, etc. Our coils are entirely custom designed, so we can incorporate special fixtures or other add-ons to ensure your coils are compatible with your system.

Can SRC design coils for a predetermined kilowatt per CFM?

We can. We will work with you up front to determine your performance requirements and can include metrics like Kw/CFM and GPM per Kw as part of the coil’s design conditions.

I’ve calculated the amount of material I will need to meet my performance requirement. Can SRC design coils based on an overall metal poundage?

Yes. That’s something we regularly do for customers, and we are happy to work with that requirement when designing your coils.

Let's Talk About Your Project

If you're looking for alternative heat exchanger suppliers for your data center cooling products or want to get the ball rolling on a new design, drop us a line. 

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