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At Super Radiator Coils, we take pride in being more than just a coil supplier. We believe that the best customer-vendor outcomes are the result of deep, integrated partnerships. Coils are all we do, but we understand they’re only one part of the equation for our customers. We support all engineering, production, and delivery needs, so you can manage your business knowing that your coils are taken care of.


Let's talk about your project

Single Point of Contact

Our engineers are your contact for every facet of the coil design & build process. No phone tag, no transferred calls, just the answers you need. From heat transfer calcs to pricing, delivery schedules and more, they're here to serve as an extension of your team.

Product Development

Heat transfer is all we do. Our engineers are your resource for performance modeling, testing, & prototyping, so you can go to market with confidence. Our tube-side refrigerant lab, wind tunnel & Ph. D. level R&D team are at your disposal to ensure accurate performance data.

Collaboration & Alignment

Being on the same page is vital for what we do and we take steps to align our goals with those of our customers. Whether it's collaborative site visits between our respective engineers, brazing inspection training programs for you quality teams, or something else, let's share best practices.

The SRC Sales Engineer - Your Connection to Our Entire Operation

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High Volume Drawing Output

Our design engineering team is among SRC's largest, and for good reason. They generate hundreds of designs per month, while maintaining the flexibility to support rush requests, new designs, drawing changes, and more.

Experienced, Scrutinous Purchasers

A savvy purchasing group is a key factor in our ability to provide customers with high quality, fairly priced coils with reliable delivery. From negotiating material prices to strategic logistical partnerships, their efforts ensure we have what we need to support our customers.

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500+ Skilled Tradespeople

We lead with engineering, but it's our production team that turns calculations and designs into tangible equipment. With more than 300,000 company-wide manufacturing space (with 150,000 more coming on line in late 2024) and more than 500 production staff, we can support high volume production of even the most complex coil designs.

Continuous Support & Service

Our dedicated sales support team is here to manage and optimize the 'nuts and bolts' of your purchasing activities, so you can be confident you get the what you need when you need it. From personalized order status dashboards to custom, flexible purchasing cadences, it's their job to ensure every facet of your coil buys runs smoothly.

Design Engineering

Procurement & Logistics


Sales Support

Our Process

Initial Design & Prototyping

We’ll learn your performance requirements, spatial constraints, and other application-specific details to develop an initial design and prototype.


Performance Testing & Design Optimization

If desired, we can performance test your coils in our in-house wind tunnel to validate performance ratings based on real-life data, not extrapolations.


Design Finalization & Drafting

Once your design is approved, it’s sent to our design engineering team. It’s one of our largest departments, and that’s by design. Whether you need 100 coils a week or 10 coils per year, our drafting team features nearly 30 mechanical engineering professionals who generate hundreds of designs each month.


Production & Delivery

Your approved final design is released to our manufacturing facility for production. We can flex our production schedules to accommodate fluctuations in production needs. And our dedicated sales support staff will handle purchase orders, billing, etc.


Let's Talk About Your Project

Whether you need support on a new heat transfer project or you already know what you're looking for, we're here to help. Connect with our engineering team at the link below. We'd love to learn more about your application.

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