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Our unique combination of expertise, manufacturing efficiency, and unmatched engineering capabilities allows us to custom build heat exchangers for a wide variety of industries.

Power Generation

Turbine inlet air cooling, pollution control, heat recovery & much more.

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Gas Compression

Includes gas coolers, oil coolers & booster coolers, among others.

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Condensers and evaporators & steam and fluid coils for commercial HVAC.

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Military-grade heat exchangers. NAVSEA & Tech Pub 278 compliance, CuNi brazing & more.

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Transit Cooling

We offer a broad range of coils for commuter trains, light rail, metro rails & buses.

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Refrigerated Display Case

Coils for display cases, including commercial reach-ins, salad bars, end caps & more.

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Data Center &
Electronics Cooling

Coils for CRACs, CRAHs, and more - liquid or air-cooled systems. 

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Ground Support

Commercial & military ground support equipment, including air starters and jet bridge HVAC.

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Food Storage &

Food-grade industrial heat exchangers for commercial cooking.

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Wind Tunnel

Coils for climatic, aerodynamic, and high-altitude wind tunnels.

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ULT and Cryogenic Products

Heat exchangers for test chambers, scientific storage and more. 

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Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial heat exchangers designed  for ammonia, CO2, & more.

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Semiconductor Products

These coils support equipment used to manufacture semiconductors, from wafer production to testing.

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Don't see your industry?

We're always looking for new applications for our heat exchangers. Got a unique project or niche application? Our engineers would love to hear about it. 

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