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Military customers demand more than a solid thermal design. Dynamics such as code and standards approvals, audits, material traceability with a certified supply chain, and management of government source inspectors must all come together in order to make a product with the reliability and quality required by our military.  

Supported by Super Radiator Coils' dedicated facility, our military work encompasses sub-surface vessels, missile defense systems, aircraft, and support equipment and sea-to-surface vessels.    


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Selected Applications for Military Products

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Missile Defense

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Electronic Systems


Aircraft and Support Equipment

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Marine Vessels & Systems



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Ground Vehicles

Experience with Industry Standards

Relevant Experience that Matters

Building products for the military industry requires navigation and understanding of guiding documents such as Tech Pub 278. 

This is often just a starting point, however, as each customer adjusts approval requirements for their application.

Our depth of experience includes:

  • Brazing, such as AWS C3.5 for induction brazing
  • Non-destructive testing such as IAW NAVSEA T9074-AS-GIB-010/271
  • Shock and vibration IAW MIL-STD-901
  • Welding standard IAW NAVSEA S9074-AR-GIB-010/278 & 248
  •  Joint fit-up MIL-STD-22D


Experience in Action

We've supplied the military with heat exchangers for decades. This means that we're able to design, engineer, model and build products that stand up to the world's harshest environments.

Whether the operating environment of our coils is 400°F or -50°F, operating pressure is 5,000 psig, when it's made to support the men and women of our military, it just has to work. 


Committed to Quality

Our military products are designed and built in accordance with the stringent standards outlined above. And our quality program can be augmented to meet challenging specifications.

Let's work together to design a process tailored to your specific needs. Whether your application requires specialized welding procedures, precise cleanliness needs or something else, we can build the heat exchangers you need. 






See What Makes Us Super


Engineering Excellence

With deep experience in heat transfer thermal modeling, Super Radiator connects the best of our internally developed software with the external programs that are trusted in the industry.

SRC uses Solidworks programs for thermal modeling and validates theory and expected performance with our in-house wind tunnel. This data informs our designs and engineering, allowing us to give more accurate performance predictions and a better product overall.


Dedicated Manufacturing

Our manufacturing capabilities strive to minimize risk. Whether it be a secure facility, minimization of braze joints, or innovating on brazing best practices, Super Radiator Coils is uniquely positioned to provide our customers with individualized care. Your projects matter to us because we know they matter to you. 

Helium Leak Detection

Certified Quality

Our experience with military projects continues to quality, yet we recognize that each customer can have a different level of NDE, material or procedure requirements.  

Selected capabilities include pneumatic, hydraulic and/or helium leak detection to ensure joint integrity, Nav-22 welding audit, certified supply chain and annual audit from stakeholders. 

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