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Wind Tunnel

Built by experts for experts

We've built coils for wind tunnels for more than 40 years, during which we've taken on dozens of projects for wind tunnels of various types. Our coils are used by some of the world's largest automobile and aerospace manufacturers to build wind tunnels for testing aerodynamics, the effects of altitude, and the effects of any number of environmental variables including various climates. 



Applications for Wind Tunnel Coils


Climatic Wind Tunnels


Aerodynamic Wind Tunnels


Altitude Wind Tunnels

Fluid Coil for NASA Wind Tunnel

This coil was part of a 6-piece order for NASA, destined for use in their Icing Research Tunnel in Ohio. Each 8-row coil measured 11 ft. tall x 50 ft. long and was constructed using copper tube and aluminum fin. 

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Coil Assembly for Automotive Wind Tunnel

This bank consisted of five coils, each of which measured 63" x 301". It was constructed of copper tube and aluminum fin. 


Fluid Coil for NASA Wind Tunnel


Coil Assembly for Automotive Wind Tunnel

Engineered by Experts

Our engineers who specialize in wind tunnels have a combined 45 years' experience. They understand the demands and nuances of the application. 

  • All coils are designed for minimum airside pressure drop.
  • Noise attenuation is always considered. 
  • Special design considerations are made for three-dimensional thermal contraction and expansion, especially when it comes to core-tubing and fluid distribution manifolds.



Tested and Proven Performance

You can be confident our coils will perform as modeled. Fin-side pressure drop for specific coil designs can be verified in our test laboratory at our Richmond facility. Specific validation of the airside pressure drop greatly improves the aerodynamic engineer's ability to predict actual tunnel performance. 

Our modeling software is constantly updated with our latest wind tunnel lab test results. Our engineers are here to help you navigate the options to design the optimal coil for your equipment. 



See What Makes Us Super


Engineering Excellence

Our engineers serve as the customer's single point of contact. There here to serve as an extension of your team. They'll be there to collaborate on designs and iterate as needed to come up with the best solutions to your wind tunnel challenges.


Certified Welders and Brazers

Super Radiator Coils' welders and brazers are certified under ASME section IX code, and all welding and brazing programs are directed by Certified Weld Inspectors (CWIs).

Fin Material

Material Options

Our wind tunnel coils can be designed for numerous combinations of construction materials. Whether that means using standard materials like copper tubes, aluminum fin, copper fin or stainless steel, we can make it. 

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