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Ultra-low Temp & Cryogenic Products

Built for reliability

Have a tight testing schedule and can't afford downtime? Need to store irreplaceable biological material at subzero temperatures? It has to be Super.

We've been building coils for ULT and cryogenic systems for decades, and we bring that experience and understanding to every coil we make.


Selected Low-Temperature Applications


Drive-in Chambers


Cryogenic Storage


Walk-in Chambers


Specialty Chambers


Humidity Chambers

Bare Tube Evaporator for Vaccine Storage

This bare tube evaporator was designed for vaccine storage at temperatures around -40F. It was constructed of copper and features no fins to mitigate frost and other types of fouling.

Bahnson Environmental-Evaporator_Edits-min

Stainless Steel Fluid Coil

This coil was designed for the pharmaceutical industry. It is constructed of stainless steel headers and tubes with aluminum fins.


Condenser Coil for MRI Cooling

This 10" x 14" 4-row condenser coil was designed to cool the superconductive magnets used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. It was built using corrugated aluminum fins spaced at 12 fins per inch and 0.375" OD copper tubing.


Evaporator with Mesh Screen & Cover Box

This 9 x 88 2-row evaporator was designed for a cryogenic therapy application where it cools cryotherapy chambers to temperatures as low as -140F. It also features a special mesh screen and cover box.

Bahnson Environmental-Evaporator_Edits-min

Bare Tube Evaporator for Vaccine Storage


Stainless Steel Fluid Coil


Condenser Coil for MRI Cooling


Evaporator with Mesh Screen & Cover Box

Industry Experience

With low-temp applications, the equipment simply has to work. SRC is a partner with with more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing ULT and cryogenic equipment. We know the technical details to ensure our products meet your requirement. We also have the manufacturing experience to produce your equipment on-time and on-budget.



Unrivaled Performance Data

Our Wind Tunnel Test Lab and Tube-side Heat Transfer Lab are how we validate performance data in our coil selection software, Enterprise.

Together, they work to provide you with a complete picture of the performance you can expect from your coil, both on the air side and fluid side. 

Because performance miscalculations aren't an option.

Test Lab View 1_510x340


See What Makes Us Super


Designed with Confidence

Our ULT and cryogenic coil designs are supported by internal and external software programs, which are informed by data from our wind tunnel test lab and our tube side refrigerant lab. Our coil ratings give the whole picture of the performance you can expect from your coil. 


Leak-free Assurance

We know the consequences of downtime. We make sure all products are tested with pneumatic dry nitrogen and/or supplemented with helium leak detection (1 x 10^-6).

Fin Material

The Right Materials for the Job

Material selection is critical when dealing with ULT and cryogenic temperatures. We're materials experts, with the experience to know what materials work best for your application's temperatures.

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