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Transit Cooling

We keep America moving

Every day, residents depend on our products to get work, doctor’s appointments, and back home. So, if our transit cooling systems stop, so do America’s largest cities. Our evaporator, condensers, water coils, and other transit cooling products help keep our nation’s commuter rails, metro rail transit lines, and other transportation systems running at just the right temperature. We make sure they’re manufactured right, so citizens stay safe.


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Applications for Transit Cooling Coils


Commuter Rail


Light Rail Transit


Locomotive HVAC


Long-distance Rail Transit


Metro Rail Transit





Corrosion-resistant Condenser

This condenser was constructed using copper tubes and headers along with pre-coated, hydrophilic aluminum fin stock for corrosion resistance. It was also designed to include an integral sub-cooler. 

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Corrosion-resistant Condenser

This unique coil was constructed using copper tubes and copper fins, which provide good corrosion resistance and excellent heat transfer.

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Parallelogram Evaporator

This evaporator is constructed in a parallelogram shape in order to minimize height projection, while also presenting enough face area to handle to its cooling requirement. Evaporators like these are often found in roof-mounted subway systems.

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Vibration-resistant Condenser

This condenser was designed with a copper tube/copper fin construction and includes an integral sub-cooler.

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Corrosion-resistant Condenser


Corrosion-resistant Condenser


Parallelogram Evaporator


Vibration-resistant Condenser

We Don't Get Rattled

Vibration is a chronic operating challenge for most transit cooling applications. Our years of experience in the industry means that we understand its effect on transit cooling systems. We know the importance of things like welded casings and securing refrigerant connections to casings with sleeved interfaces, so you can feel confident your equipment can stand up to the industry's demands. 


Refrigerant Performance Verification

Transit vehicles tend to last 30 to 50 years on average, but refrigerant regulation changes much faster. As a result, most vehicle systems are occasionally refitted to stay current. Our wind tunnel test lab can test and validate the performance of any number of refrigerants and refrigerant blends.

Unsure which refrigerant is best for your R-22 change-over? We can show you. 



See What Makes Us Super


Product Types

We make several kinds of products for the transit cooling industry. They include:



Refrigerant Knowledge and Experience

Our engineers are experts when it comes to variety of refrigerants. From common types like R-22, R-407C, R-410A, and R-134A to natural refrigerants like CO2, we've worked with it. 

Take advantage of our testing research and application experience to help ensure your system performs like you need it to. 


Unmatched Capabilities

Some manufacturers can do some of what we do, but none can do it all. We offer fully degreased coils, just-in-time shipping for large projects, and exact replacements of old equipment among others.

We can build old designs or create new ones, and we can validate all their theoretical performance with our wind tunnel test lab. 

We’re fluent in answers

Need someone who understands your language? Simply answer a few questions and we’ll get our engineers on it. 

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