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Turbine Inlet Air Cooling & Heating

Super Radiator’s turbine inlet coils increase system efficiency, reduce emissions, and provide anti-icing protection for gas turbines around the world, meeting the exacting thermal, structural and certification requirements. With over 1,300 coils installed in gas turbine filter houses since 2000, Super Radiator has the experience these systems demand.

Our coils support gas turbines manufactured by GE, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Solar for new, retrofit, upgrades, and replacement installations. System power ranges from 30MW to 790MW in simple and combined cycle operations.


Power Plant

Thermal Reliability

Coils used in gas turbine inlet conditions exist to optimize air conditions at the turbine. To meet turbine performance targets, the output from the coils must be precise. Our thermal engineering utilizes data from over 700 coils tested in our in-house lab.  

Our testing ranges from low face velocities (100 - 200 fpm) to in excess of 2,000 fpm through a range of temperatures, humidity and fluids. Common turbine inlet cooling fluids, such as water, propylene glycol, and ethylene glycol, have all been thoroughly tested in the Super Radiator Coils wind tunnel test lab.

We also frequently run validation tests for turbine inlet projects to confirm modeled performance.

Our test lab is located in Super Radiator Coils' Richmond, Virginia, facility.



test-lab-web size


Turbine Inlet Anti-Icing

The formation of ice crystals within the gas turbine air inlet system creates damage risk for gas turbine airfoils. Super Radiator’s turbine inlet anti-icing coils utilize hot fluid to ensure ice crystals do not form and cause costly damage and downtime. These coils are designed to minimize air pressure loss while preheating the air with inlet temperatures as low as -70°F (-57°C).


Turbine Inlet Anti Icing: Bolt On Design

We engineer our bolt-on design inlet anti-icing coils for existing systems or new space reduction designs. These coil designs have robust integrated structure to support inlet air hoods while bolting directly to the external filter house structure. Extended coil frames ease installation and minimize field fabrication. These coils do not require internal modification to the filter house.

TIC Bolt On Design-flip-min

Inlet Air Cooling for Gas Fractionation Facility

These inlet air cooling coils were installed in the inlet air filterhouse of a GE LM6000 turbine at a gas fractionation facility. 

GE-Hungary_Pembina-TIAC - DSC_0262-Edits-flip-min

Turbine Inlet Anti-Icing

TIC Bolt On Design-flip-min

Turbine Inlet Anti Icing: Bolt On Design

GE-Hungary_Pembina-TIAC - DSC_0262-Edits-flip-min

Inlet Air Cooling for Gas Fractionation Facility

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Designed for Safety

Turbine Inlet Coils used in gas turbine applications are large and heavy. Rigging and lifting can pose significant challenges posing issues of both safety and product integrity. 

To address these issues, Super Radiator Coils uses Solidworks modeling and provides Professional Engineering review and sign off. 


Lift with Confidence

We ensure safe movement and installation by incorporating structural and lift analyses, FEA, CWI inspections, and structural reinforcements.

TIC Test Tank-1

Leak-free Assurance

All coils are pneumatically or hydraulically tested before leaving our facility to ensure leak-free status.

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