Condenser Coils

A condenser coil is an essential component of any refrigerant system. Its primary functions are to remove heat from the refrigerant and support the conversion of the refrigerant back to a liquid state. Specifically, heat is removed as air passes over top of the coil while an integral or dedicated sub-cooling section directs the conversion of the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. We’re condenser experts, with many years of experience designing and manufacturing them, typically using 5mm or 3/8” tubing.

Our condensers are used in several industries, including gas compression, HVAC, military, transit cooling, refrigerated display cases, data center & electronics cooling, and ground support.


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5mm Tube Provides Unique Benefits


5mm Chart - 2020

Row Split Condenser Coil

This row split condenser coil is provided for an HVAC that requires multi stage zone control. 

The base construction uses copper tube and copper fin for increased thermal transfer and corrosion protection.  Additionally, the end plates are manufactured out of copper.  


5mm Condenser Coil

This HVAC condenser coil uses 5mm copper tube with aluminum fin. 5mm tubes were selected to optimize the system performance while reducing weight and footprint.  It is designed without top and bottom pans, however, it uses angle iron to ensure that it arrives at the customer location without damage. Sheet metal can be designed and built specific to the installation.  


Formed 5mm Condenser Coil

The L-shaped, split face condenser coil provides engineers with greater surface area and a unique design.  Formed coils are provided as 1-off replacements or in quantity for OEM customers.


Formed 3/8" Condenser Coil

A multi-bend 2 row formed copper tube copper fin coil.  Copper fins are used because of seaside environment for corrosion resistance.  They are formed to increase area with a reduced footprint.  


Row Split Condenser Coil


5mm Condenser Coil


Formed 5mm Condenser Coil


Formed 3/8" Condenser Coil

See What Makes Us Super 

Fin Material

Construction Options

  • Interlaced, multi-circuit
  • Split Face
  • Mutli Row
  • A-Frame



Featured Capabilities

  • 5mm tube for increased performance in the same space
  • High pressure copper alloy (1740 working pressure) with UL approval
  • Dedicated sub-cooling sections
  • Formed and Parallelogram Designs


Refrigerant Experience

  • Pure Refrigerants such as R134a, R32 and R1234ze
  • Refrigerant mixtures including R410A, R407C, R438A and R452A
  • Super Critical refrigerant CO2
  • Natural refrigerants such as Propane, Iso-Butane and Ammonia

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