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Ground Support

Dependability always flies

Some of the world's largest airlines rely on Super Radiator to keep their customers comfortable and their equipment running properly. Our ISO 9001:2015-certified products keep their jet bridge air conditioning units, jet starter units and aircraft ground support equipment running smoothly.


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Applications for Ground Support Products


Air Starters


Pre-Conditioned Air


Mobile Ground AC


Diesel Engines


Jet Bridge


Ground Support (Commercial)


Ground Support (Military)

Multi-stage Evaporator

This evaporator was designed with 3/8" copper tubing, copper headers, and aluminum fins. It has separate fin bundles for each stage and hot gas distributors for defrosting. Its function is removing large amounts of moisture from the airstream AND reduce the temperature to below freezing, without causing frost to form on its fins. 

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Heat Pump Coil

This product was designed for mobile air conditioning units operating in high-temperature environments. Its system capacity is 60 tons cooling and it can also provide heating in cold climates. 

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This coil features a 12 row construction and is designed to mid to super-jumbo-sized aircraft. Its multiple circuits allow for the service of aircrafts of various sizes in a range of ambient conditions. Its total output is up to 95 tons. 

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Evaporator with Flexane on Endplates

This evaporator designed for a ground support application features Flexane on its endplates for protection against particulates. 

Ground Support_1

Multi-stage Evaporator

Ground Support_2

Heat Pump Coil




Evaporator with Flexane on Endplates

Flexible Designs Based on Need

Aircraft come in a variety of sizes, and we can design products to serve them all. Our product design flexibility allows us to support the heating or cooling load for any aircraft - from single-seat fighters all the way up to double decker wide body planes. 

For larger condenser systems, we can manufacture coils up to 105" H x 250" L. This size range affords customers the benefit of using a single coil, which minimizes installation time and system piping. 






Designed for the Industry

Because ground support equipment (GSE) systems are subject to vibration, movement, thermal cycling, and a world of different environments, we include design elements to reduce GSE downtime that results from coil failure.

Some examples of these elements are vibration elimination for evaporator tubing, chafing protection for refrigeration tubing, and rigid frames.

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See What Makes Us Super

Person adjusting HVAC lines

Designed for easy installation

We can design your ground support equipment product to include preinstalled system mounting hardware, including stover nuts, rivet nuts, and weld nuts.


Reliable engineering support

At Super Radiator Coils, you'll have access to our Sales Application Engineers whenever you need them. They're an extension of your team from design to post-installation support.

Helium Leak Detection

We solve GSE challenges of all sizes

Whether you need a single system for prototyping, multiple systems for a large contract, or you're looking to replace a legacy project, we can do it.

We’re fluent in answers

Need someone who understands your language? Simply answer a few questions and we’ll get our engineers on it. 

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