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Nuclear Auxiliary Equipment


Super Radiator Coils leverages the ASME N Stamp, NUPIC audit, supply chain, and quality organization to support needs for difficult-to-find products. These products often are ancillary to safety related air cooling systems are often separate from containment cooling applications in which cooling coils are typically found.    

D2O Fueling Machine Auxiliary Cooler 

This ASME Section III, Class 3 component and support structure include an N-stamped coil that also is Canadian registered (CRN). Other selected product features include:

  • 2,250 psig design pressure with 3,375 psig test pressure
  • Helium leak tested (1 x 10^-5 cm3/s)
  • Stainless steel housing and construction with aluminum fans (5)
  • Unit was prototype tested

D20 Water Fueling Machine Cooler

Raw Water Strainer (1)

Raw Water Strainers

This ASME N-Stamped, Class 3 raw water strainer processes 8,000 gpm of RHR service water with solids separation of 1/16" and has an automatic self-cleaning backwash function.

The vessel has an outside diameter of 36" with 20" inlet and outlet connections. It is manufactured out of 300 stainless steel. Raw water strainers are available in multiple sizes for various flows and separation requirements. For more information on our nuclear strainer capabilities, check out our flyer

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Super Radiator Coils produces shell and tube style heat exchangers. Typical applications include EDG lube oil / air / jacket water coolers, motor lube oil coolers, stator cooler heat exchangers, and refrigerant condensers & evaporators. 

Shell and tube products can be safety related or non-safety related and supplied as ASME III, ASME VIII, or commercial components. Check out our shell and tube heat exchanger flyer to learn more about our capabilities. 



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