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Fluidized Bed Dryers and Coolers

These coils dehumidify and heat outside air, condense and recover solvent vapors, and supply direct product heating for fluidized bed dryers and coolers. 

Integrated heat exchangers come in direct contact with the product and add additional heat without increasing air mass flow. For some products, integrated, in-bed heat exchangers allow for more even drying and a smaller overall dryer size. These coils are typically made using a bare tube construction.

With an open system, coils preheat outdoor air, which is then used to fluidize and dry the product. Dehumidification coils can also be added to reduce the moisture content entering the dryer. 

For closed loop systems, our coils condense and recover solvents from the gas stream, allowing them to be reused in the process. Heating coils then reheat the gas stream prior to returning to the dryer. We can supply cooling and reheat coils installed in a single housing with an integral drain pan. 

We also manufacture units with housings, integral drain pans, support steel, instrumentation ports, demisters, access doors, and inlet/outlet transitions.   



Hot Oil Heat Exchangers with Transition and Louvers

This unit has multiple heat exchangers (4 row heat exchanger and 10 row heat exchanger), gasketed transition with flange, instrumentation ports, access doors, and integrated drain pain. Weighing in at just under 11,000 lbs., the unit was supported by  6 x 3.5 c-channel. 


In-Bed Heat Exchanger

This 24-row bare tube heat exchanger is designed with 1.0" OD x 0.134" wall carbon steel pipe. Structural steel supports the unit and provides an airtight seal to the dryer. This heat exchanger is certified to ASME Section VIII, Division 1 Code. 

After pressure testing, all external components were blasted per SSPC-SP-6 and coated with zinc-rich primer for corrosion protection. 


Multiple Heat Exchangers in one Housing

These heat exchangers use 1" copper tube with 0.020" aluminum fins. Tubes are supported by a 304 stainless steel casing and housing.  3" and 2" 304L Stainless Steel 300# Raised Face Slip-On Flanges allow for connection to process piping and 3/4 - 10 eyebolts installed for lifting.

Carrier Vibrating_2017-11-15_Edits-website

Copper Tube/Copper Fin in a Stainless Housing

This heat exchanger uses copper tube and copper fin along with 316 stainless steel casing and housing. Copper fin was used as an enhancement to heat transfer performance and corrosion protection.

2.5" 316L stainless steel 300# Threaded Raise Face Flanges were provided as well as a stainless steel lifting angle.     


Hot Oil Heat Exchangers with Transition and Louvers


In-Bed Heat Exchanger

Carrier Vibrating_2017-11-15_Edits-website

Multiple Heat Exchangers in one Housing


Copper Tube/Copper Fin in a Stainless Housing

See What Makes Us Super


Engineering Excellence

With deep experience in heat transfer thermal modeling, Super Radiator connects the best of our internally developed software with external programs trusted by the industry.

SRC uses Solidworks programs for thermal modeling and validates theory and expected performance with our in-house wind tunnel. This data informs our designs and engineering, allowing us to give more accurate performance predictions and a better product overall.


Certified Welders and Brazers

Super Radiator Coils' welders and brazers are certified under ASME Section IX code, and all welding and brazing programs are directed by Certified Weld Inspectors (CWIs).  

In addition to our team, we have in-house pickling and passivation capabilities so that the corrosion-resistant benefits of stainless steel products won't be lost after welding.  

Stainless Steel Tube-1

Materials of Construction

A wide range of materials are used to construct fluidized bed dryers and coolers. Common and uncommon materials include: 

  • AL-6XN
  • Carbon Steel
  • Chrome Molybedum
  • Cupro-Nickel 90/10
  • Hastelloy
  • Stainless Steel (304 / 316)

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