Research & Development Briefs

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Time lapse of Super Radiator Coils' test lab staff setting up an a-frame coil in our wind tunnel test lab.

Test Lab Research Updates


  • SRC completed performance testing of refrigerant R-454B in a condenser coil constructed with 5/8" stainless steel rifled tubes.

  • SRC completed performance testing of coils with interlaced circuiting for the purpose of developing a more accurate model.

  • Super Radiator Coils upgraded the insulation in the tube-side refrigerant lab to feature new, aluminum material to improve insulation and aesthetic.


  • Super Radiator Coils tested the first condenser coil and evaporator coil with 3/8” OD stainless steel rifled tubes. The refrigerant used in the test is R438A.

  • SRC wind tunnel lab tested the first shell-and-tube heat exchanger for a customer. The working fluid is water. The lab has the capability to test refrigerant, glycol, oil or steam as well. 

  • Super Radiator Coils tested the performance of A-frame coils configured at various angles from 15 to 60 degrees. 

  • Super Radiator Coils gathered refrigerant performance data in condenser coils with several new refrigerants, including R-438A, R-448A, R-454B, and R-449A. These refrigerants were tested using a section of 3/8" OD smooth and rifled copper tube. 

  • Dr. Jian Yu, as part of his visiting professorship at Queen Mary University of London, worked with a Ph.D. student to test the heat transfer coefficients of for a handful of new refrigerants under evaporation and condensation conditions. 


Selection Software Functionality Updates


  • Super Radiator Coils updated heat transfer and pressure drop correlations for 5/8" ball turbulators based on new test data. The updated correlations have been added to Enterprise, our coil selection software.

  • SRC added calculation of the refrigerant vapor velocity at the outlet of evaporator coils. This value will now be included in the engineering report generated in Enterprise. 

  • Super Radiator Coils added the ability to rate ammonia coils. 

  • Super Radiator Coils added code to our selection software that allows users to enter a desired suction temperature and either a superheat value or leaving quality. Prior to this update, users were required to manually enter several inputs in order to get the desired leaving conditions.

  • Super Radiator Coils added the ability to rate condenser coils with a desired leaving quality instead of allowing a desired subcooling amount. This feature will be partocularly useful for heat reclaim coils where there is only partial condensing of the refrigerant. 

Looking for an engineering partner?

If you're interested in working with SRC's R & D team to optimize the performance of your heat transfer equipment, give us a call. And for more information on our test labs, check out our R & D homepage or watch the video below to learn more about our wind tunnel. 

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