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Steam Distributing Coils

Steam distributing coils from Super Radiator Coils are specially designed to minimize the potential freeze-up of steam condensate when the coil is used with extremely cold fresh air, typically below 32°F.  

The basic design of steam distributing coils features an inner tube inserted down the entire length of the outer tube. The steam is fed through the inner tube and into the space between the inner and outer tube, either at the end of the tube or through perforations, and then condenses. The outer tube is plugged or capped so that the condensate remains under pressure and is distributed to the return header.

Steam distributing coils are designed to feed live steam across the entire coil face providing even heat distribution and to minimize freeze risks. The design typically involves a pitched core/casing design to encourage the flow of the condensate back to the drain line.

Our steam distributing coils are used in several industries, including food storage & processing, military, HVAC, and power generation


ETL_Dark Gray
Steam Distributing Coil - Food Processing-2

Steam Distributing Coil with Copper Header

The 2 row steam distributing coil is manufactured with copper tube, aluminum fin and galvanized steel casing. The inner tube is also manufactured with copper tubes.


Steam Distributing Coil with Spiral Wrapped Tubes

This 2 row product features carbon steel tube with aluminum fins (embedded attachment method). The header is enclosed to minimize air bypass and align with the existing duct work.  

Trim rings were installed and painted with epoxy to minimize air leakage and corrosion.


ASME-stamped Steam Distributing Coil

This 51" x 40", 2-row steam distributing coil was constructed using flat, carbon steel fins and 0.625" OD carbon steel tube. 

Natcom_Steam Distributing_ASME U-UM

Steam Distributing Coil

This steam distributing coil was constructed using carbon steel headers (outer and inner tubes), copper tubes, and aluminum fins. 


Steam Distributing Coil with Copper Header


Steam Distributing Coil with Spiral Wrapped Tubes

Natcom_Steam Distributing_ASME U-UM

ASME-stamped Steam Distributing Coil


Steam Distributing Coil

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Features of Construction

  • Opposite or same end connections
  • Pitched casing for proper condensate removal
  • Enclosed header construction
  • Thin wall tubing for low steam pressures (5 - 15 psig) to heavier wall tube for higher pressure steam (150+ psig)


Materials for Construction

  • Aluminum fin
  • Carbon steel tube and fin
  • Copper tube and fin
  • 304/316 Stainless steel tube and fin

spiral fin-1

Construction Types

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