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For nearly 100 years, Super Radiator Coils has been living up to its name. We don’t just deliver products, we deliver superior expertise, reliability and quality. So, whether it’s a coil, a delivery or just a phone call—it has to be Super.

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Excellence, Engineered. 

Excellence is one of SRC's 5 Core Values, and below is a rotating showcase of projects and capabilities that we feel demonstrate the standard we strive for. Touch base with us to learn more.

large industrial coil assembly with housing

Slide-in steam coil

These coils were sold to a large EPC firm for use in an activated carbon plant. The housing involved spec painting, sandblasting, & more. We chose the finned tube design for durability & it allows for aluminum fin at higher temps. All circuits are fully drainable.

Engineers - Brian Biskie, P.E. & Andy Burns, P.E.
SRC Richmond
5mm ss-flip-min

5 millimeter stainless steel coil

Our 5mm SS coils are capable of withstanding corrosives, high pressures, and high temperatures all with a smaller footprint so you can fit more of what matters when space is tight and toughness is a must.

Engineer - Dr. Jian Yu, Ph.D.
VP of Research and Development

Slide-in coil with unique pressurized housing

This coil was designed to include a pressurized outer housing, which was rated up to 20 PSIG. It's made from 304 SS & features numerous reinforcing ribs to account for the operating pressures. 

Engineers - Brian Biskie, P.E. & Andy Burns, P.E.
SRC Richmond

Specialized weld procedures

We have elite welders at all our locations, but our Phoenix division is capable of some of the most complex weld procedures that we offer. Whether it's tricky materials like copper nickel or strict code specs like welding in a cleanroom, we can handle that.

Engineers - SRC Phoenix

Several corrosion protection options

We're experts at designing against corrosion. We can help you decide on a coating for your equipment or if corrosion-resistant materials makes more sense. Got a tricky application? We can get creative.

All SRC locations

Products that work the first time and every time

Precision-made products backed by nearly a century of industry knowledge and experience. That’s our promise to you. Because for something to leave our production floor, it has to be Super.

Careers & Culture

Curious about what it means to be Super? Check out our careers homepage to learn more about who we are, what we make, and where we work.

Careers Homepage


Our unique combination of expertise, manufacturing efficiency, and unmatched engineering capabilities allows us to custom build heat exchangers for a wide variety of industries.

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