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Flexible Scheduling and Reliable Delivery for OEMs

Posted by Super Radiator Coils on Jun 17, 2020 2:22:25 PM

We serve a diverse customer base at Super Radiator, one segment of which are what’s known as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Though we classify them together, OEMs and their respective industries all operate differently. Some customers are recurring business – they need coils every week consistently over a given timeframe – we’ve seen this with commercial HVAC or datacenter OEMs. Other customers need us to supply coils for projects that may arise infrequently over a period of years, which describes industries like transit cooling.

Due to these diverse and fluid needs, flexibility on our part is critical. Regardless of the type of business we’re serving, our job is the same – supply customers with coils when the need arises – whether the last shipment went out last week, last month, or two years ago. Our goal is to give the customer total peace of mind and give them the confidence that they don’t need to worry about whether our coils will be on their dock when they need them. They’ll be there.

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This task is twofold for us as coil suppliers – we need to supply the customer at a pace they need and expect while retaining the ability to react and respond quickly to deal with anything unexpected.

Reliable communication from engineers

To accomplish the first, communication is critical, as is a true understanding of the nature of the industry. We are in almost daily contact with our customers in order to anticipate/respond to their needs. We then apply this information to our production and shipment schedule so as to synchronize our output with the customer’s production. Not all of our OEM customers need their coils delivered to a factory, though, and schedule coordination is no less important for installations in the field. These customers will often schedule cranes, workers, and various other preparatory measures in anticipation of receiving our coils, so our products had better be there in order to prevent costly setbacks.

Backup plans for navigating the unexpected

The second part of the equation requires having the ability to adapt when plans change. It’s not uncommon for customers to come to us and say something to the effect of “I know we said we needed a coil in six days. We need it in three days now,” or “I said we needed it next week, but now we need it in three months.” When these unanticipated changes happen, it’s up to us to have the flexibility to switch gears and alter priorities to get the job done.

We operate with a number of contingency considerations in place so we aren’t scrambling to get your coil finished. This allows us to ship it on the promised date – even if that date changes. Our flexibility extends to how we organize our network of suppliers as well. We diversify our vendor network to ensure that we have what we need, to build what you need, when you need it.

Interested in learning how SRC’s flexible OEM scheduling can streamline your coil shipments and help improve your operation’s efficiency? Give us call. We’re ready for you.

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