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Who is Super Radiator Coils?

Posted by Super Radiator Coils on Sep 14, 2021 11:33:51 AM

Super Radiator Coils is a family-owned engineering and manufacturing company headquartered just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since 1928, the goal of SRC has been to solve customers’ problems by providing them with the best heat transfer equipment on the market. We have three divisions: Chaska, Minn., Phoenix, and Richmond, Va.

We make heat exchangers, a.k.a. coils, which are used for heating and cooling functions across a range of industries. SRC coils can be found in equipment ranging from commercial HVAC to nuclear power generation and everywhere in between.

Our History

Super Radiator Coils was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1928 by three businessmen: A.O. Bredeson, George Cunningham, and A.J. Horswill with the help of a young engineer named Merrill Benson. In the year prior to SRC's founding, Benson convinced the group to start manufacturing fin-type heat exchangers for steam unit heaters. The three agreed, founded a company and began securing equipment. Originally called Thermofin, the name was changed to Super Radiator Coils shortly after. 

In those early days, the coils produced by SRC featured copper tubes and cast-iron headers. Today, Super Radiator Coils products are constructed using everything from copper to stainless steels, copper nickel, and even titanium on rare occasions.

Since 1985, Super Radiator Coils has been owned by the Holt family when SRC's current chairman, Jon Holt, purchased the business. Jon's son Rob has served as President and CEO since 2001. And Jon’s daughter, Kari Mellina serves as Executive VP and CFO.

We’re a family-owned company, a theme you’ll see throughout SRC. Many of our employees have been with us for 10, 20, even 30 years, and have become like family.

Our Divisions

In the years since its founding, Super Radiator Coils has expanded operations to include sister plants in Richmond, Virginia and Phoenix. All three divisions support a diverse array of customers in a variety of industries, but they each have specific areas of specialty as well.

The Chaska Division

Super Radiator Coils Chaska, which serves as our corporate headquarters, is located at 104 Peavey Road, and occupies approximately 100,000 square feet. SRC Chaska's customers include manufacturers of refrigerated display cases used in supermarkets, producers of environmental chambers, food processors, and many others. 

The Chaska Division is also home to SRC's nuclear product line. These heavy-duty coils are the most engineering-intensive products we make, and are used for heating and cooling of various areas in nuclear power generating facilities. An ASME N stamp is required to build such critical equipment and the Chaska Division is one of only three coil manufacturers in the world to hold an N stamp. 

Jim DeWitt serves as VP of Operations for the Chaska Division, a role he's held since 2005. President and CEO Rob Holt also sits in the Chaska branch, as does Jon Holt, SRC's Chairman.

The Richmond Division

SRC Richmond was added to the Super Radiator Coils family in 1980. Located just south of the City of Richmond in North Chesterfield, the Richmond Division is SRC’s largest facility, having expanded three times. Upon completion of its current expansion, SRC Richmond’s footprint will be more than 160,000 square feet. 

The Richmond Division is SRC's headquarters for all things research and development. Led by VP of Research and Development Dr. Jian Yu, Richmond is home to our two test labs: our wind tunnel test lab and our tube-side refrigerant lab. These labs are used to gather coil performance data, which is then used to inform Enterprise, our coil selection software. This program allows our customers to choose coil options based on information from their specific applications.

Matt Holland serves as the Richmond Division's VP of Operations, where he's overseen the facility since 2011. EVP and Chief Financial Officer Kari Mellina calls SRC Richmond home as well.

The Phoenix Division

Located at 2610 S. 21st Street, SRC Phoenix is the youngest of the three divisions and was established when SRC purchased Sing-Air, based in Gardena, California in 1993. SRC then moved that business to Arizona, where it was rebranded and SRC Phoenix was born.

The Phoenix Division specializes in the manufacture of heat exchangers for military markets. This specialty equipment is used for things like cooling electronics onboard submarines and hovercrafts, among others. These products often require specialized welding procedures, like copper nickel welding, a notoriously tricky material to properly join.

Overseeing the Phoenix operation is Tyler Johnson, who has held the role of VP of Operations since 2020.

And that’s SRC in a nutshell! If you're considering SRC for employment, visit our careers page or shoot an email to the division you're interested in.

And if you're interested in learning more about what Super Radiator does and everything that goes into coil production, check out the Super School. We've got blogs, videos, podcasts, and more on everything from heat transfer to manufacturing processes. We appreciate your interest in our company and we hope to hear from you.