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Culture at Super Radiator Coils: Our Mission, Values, & Objectives

Posted by Rob Holt on Nov 4, 2021 1:09:00 PM

The steady stream of disruptive events over the last 20ish months has helped remind us what matters and has presented a great opportunity to gain some perspective. And, as a company, we’re growing more and more every day. So, we thought this would be a perfect time to look inward and put some names to the things that we consider important at Super Radiator.

To do that, we’ve gathered input from dozens of individuals across our organization to outline SRC’s Mission, Values, and Objectives as a company. Defining these important concepts will help us be a better employer and partner—both now and in the future.


Super Radiator Coils’ Mission is “To be leaders and best in the heat transfer industry while caring for our workplace, communities, and environment.”

This statement serves as the guiding principle for our company’s overall goals and ambitions. It’s the motivation behind everything we do.


These are the foundation of SRC culture. They form the personality of our organization and are deeply embedded in who we are. Our Values unify us and make us strong. 

Relationships: We genuinely care about the people we work with. Our company is built on personal relationships; be that with vendors, customers, or among the Super Radiator team. We think the marks of a great relationship come down to the acronym, C.A.R.E. At SRC, we:

  • Connect
  • Appreciate
  • Respect
  • Empathize

Teamwork: Working together as a team is critical for Super Radiator’s success. We believe in hard work, supporting one another, and getting the job done together, because we believe that “We do our best work together.”

Excellence: We don’t do things half-way and we strive to be excellent at everything we take on. Whether that’s engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, or another department, we feel that “If it has to be perfect, it has to be Super.”

Problem Solving: We’re an engineering company, so solving problems is what we do and “no” isn’t a word you’ll hear from us very often. Whether the question is “can you do this?” or “can we make this better?” our go-to answer has always been “We can handle that!”

Integrity: In business, our reputation is everything, and we feel that honesty and integrity are among the most critical elements of a reputation. We think that maintaining our integrity comes down to a simple credo – “We do what we say we’ll do.


As a manufacturer, we feel we have a responsibility to minimize our impact on our environment and we believe our business extends beyond making coils. We have an impact on employees, customers, suppliers & vendors, our communities and the environment. This is a concept known as Conscious Capitalism. Informed by our Mission & Values, we have 5 distinct Objectives that serve as the driving force behind the work we do every day and serve as a commitment to many of our stakeholders.

At SRC, we strive to:

Engineer and Manufacture World-Class Products

The impact of our products on our customers is simple and direct – their ability to be good at their job is directly tied to how good we are at ours. And, as a result, the quality of the products we ship is crucial. For nearly 100 years, SRC has been a supplier of top-quality heat exchangers, and we take our role as stewards of that reputation very seriously.

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

Our customer service model is one of the most foundational elements of Super Radiator. Our Sales Engineers serve as the single point of contact for our customers, and it’s a major reason that we win business. They’re the tip of the spear, but customer service is our collective responsibility. Once the sales engineers have worked with the customer to make a plan, it’s up to all of us to execute.

Foster a Thriving Workplace

We believe that it’s not possible to be a good business and a bad employer. We value the skill of all of our employees and the role they play in our company’s success. As a result, we’ve invested in training programs, professional development, and believe in rewarding good work with opportunities for advancement. Many of our employees have been with us for 10+ years, and we’re very proud of that.

Invest in Environmental Improvement

As a leading engineering and manufacturing company, we invest in the engineering and design of products for OEM customers that positively impact our environment. From the design of new battery technology to power the next generation of vehicles to the capture of solvents to prevent them from reaching the atmosphere, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that fit with our objective of environmental stewardship. We also lead in the application and predictive ratings of new, environmentally friendly refrigerants to replace legacy refrigerant technology. Whether it’s designing equipment for new, less harmful refrigerants or responsibly sourcing our materials from companies that focus on safe environmental practices, we aim to leave the planet better than when we found it. 

Actively Engage in Our Communities

The locales of SRC’s three divisions are very close to our heart. Our employees and their families call these places home and as a result, we strive to be an active member of those communities. Whether it’s the company picnic with employees, families, and friends, or a 10k race to benefit cancer research, we understand that our impact extends beyond the walls of our facilities and we take seriously the responsibility that goes along with that.

What’s Next?

These ideals have always been a part of who we are and they always will be. But we feel that putting a name to them is a great way to remember what brought us here and just how important it is that we live up to our reputation. Our Mission, Values, and Objectives are also our promise to our customers, vendors, and employees. To the SRC team – those within our walls and the many partners outside them – we thank you, and we’re excited for what our future holds.

For more information on Super Radiator Coils' culture, visit our Careers Home Page. We've got several resources for candidates looking to learn more about who Super Radiator Coils is, where we work, and the products we make.