It's not just expertise, it's Super expertise

We're experts. But that doesn’t mean we're satisfied. Because we understand that being the best means always getting better. That’s why we do our own primary research to make sure our coils do what we say they will.

We're wind tunnel experts—even NASA agrees

Using a few data points to draw a curve? Not us. We test almost all of our products in the SRC wind tunnel. And it’s so cutting edge, even NASA has used it.

Why have tools this advanced? So you can be confident you have the most accurate results possible for your heat exchanger.

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Equal parts coil manufacturer and engineering firm

Our expertise goes beyond just our products. Super Radiators Coils' 20+ degreed engineers have a deep understanding of the role our products play in your system. Tap into the collective experience of this powerful team. They're here to collaborate with you. 

We  know the small details that make a big difference. One overlooked consideration for vibration, thermal expansion, or environmental conditions can be the difference between a component that delivers and one that causes headaches. 

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Take advantage of what we know

All customers receive free access to our heat exchanger design software—the most comprehensive of its kind in the industry. We regularly update it with the latest research from our testing laboratories.

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