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Some environments wreak absolute havoc on heat transfer equipment. The sturdiness and chemical resistance needed for these applications often comes in the form of heavy materials that need big footprints to execute their thermal requirement, but not anymore.

Want to reduce your military vehicles' fuel consumption or make more room for cargo or personnel? 5 mm stainless steel products are the answer, all while providing excellent resistance to high pressures, temperatures, and aggressive corrosives. Heavy duty has never been so light.


Hovercraft image_510x340

5mm Stainless Steel Condenser

This condenser was made using type-304 stainless steel tubes and casings with aluminum fins. It was designed for applications that demand lightweight equipment without compromising corrosion resistance and strength.

5mm ss
5mm ss

5mm Stainless Steel Condenser

Lighter. Smaller. Stronger.

5mm SS weight table-1


3 eighths SS weight table


Want to learn more about 5mm stainless steel coils?

If you're wrestling with corrosion and high pressures but can't compromise on weight, answer a few questions below. We'll work with you to understand your application and can design a heat exchanger tailor made for your need. 

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  • 5mm tubing allows for heat transfer equipment to have a smaller footprint.
  • Stainless steel allows equipment to stand up to high pressures and corrosive environments.

See What Makes Us Super

SolidWorks coil image_343x228

Custom-designed to meet your requirement

Our staff of designers and engineers serve as an extension of your team. Their industry expertise means you'll work with someone who knows what works and what doesn't. They're here to make sure your heat exchanger does what you need it to.


Expert welding and brazing

Super Radiator Coils' 5mm stainless steel products demand expert craftsmanship. Super Radiator Coil welders and brazers are certified under ASME Section IX code.  Moreover, the welding and brazing programs are directed by Certified Weld Inpsectors (CWI's). Quality isn't optional. 


Tested and proven to work

We didn't create our 5 mm stainless steel product overnight. It's the result of years of testing and tweaking by our in-house heat transfer Ph.D., Dr. Jian Yu. Additionally, the performance of all our products is validated in our wind tunnel test lab, so our modeling is backed by results, not just extrapolations.