The Switch to A2Ls is Here.

Are You Ready?

The Switch to A2Ls is Here.

Are You Ready?

Next-Gen Refrigerants: By The Numbers


% of Extra Surface Needed for R-454B Coils vs. R-410A**


Tests to Validate Our Next-Gen Refrigerant Performance Data


Number of Refrigerant Blends We Can Rate

Practical Impacts of Changing Refrigerants

Medium-Temp HVAC Application (condenser)

h02UR-refrigerant-charge-per-coil- (1)


Low-Temp Refrigeration Application (evaporator)

h02UR-refrigerant-charge-per-coil- (2)



We offer validated evaporator & condenser performance ratings for:

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*Refrigerant charge values were calculated using conditions that exist in a typical medium-temperature HVAC application for the medium temp refrigerants and a typical commercial refrigeration application for the low-temp refrigerants.

**Will not be true of all situations. SRC's claims relate exclusively to coil performance. We are making no claims regarding system performance. 

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